When a season draws to a close, you’re usually left staring into your closet, uninspired and unable to dream up exciting new style combinations. Whether your clothes feel tired, or you’re just sick of that plain pencil-skirt-and-oxford-shirt combo, there is no need to get worked up. There are some quick and <a href="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com" title="Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet"><strong>Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet</strong></a> easy ways you can update your wardrobe with just a few key pieces. These nine stress-saving garments can jazz up any look (old jeans and white T-shirt included): <br />A survey of the average price of dozens of popular gifts, including electronic goods, beauty products and fashion accessories, has revealed that prices in New <a href="http://www.rbsoem.com" title="Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses"><strong>Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses</strong></a> York and Boston are up to 62 per cent cheaper than in London.Some of the biggest savings can be made on items of clothing and sunglasses. The average cost of a pair of True Religion jeans is £319 in London, but just £123 in New York and £120 in Boston; a pair of Hollister <a href="http://www.wholesalescheapraybans.com" title="Ray Ban Sale"><strong>Ray Ban Sale</strong></a> skinny jeans costs 36 per cent less in New York (£32) than in London (£50).Ray Ban "Aviator" sunglasses cost £188 in London, but less than £100 in New York, and Levi's 501 Original jeans are 45 per cent cheaper in the US.Good deals can also be found on toys. Let's Rock Elmo, a popular <a href="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com" title="Cheap Ray Bans"><strong>Cheap Ray Bans</strong></a> soft toy, the Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber, and the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, all of which were included on this year's Toy Retailers Association "Dream Dozen" Christmas wish list, are between 37 and 53 per cent less expensive when purchased across the pond. There are also savings – albeit more modest – to <a href="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com" title="Ray Ban Outlet"><strong>Ray Ban Outlet</strong></a> be found on electronic goods: an Apple iPod 8GB Nano is 22 per cent cheaper in the US, and a Sony A710 Digital Photo Frame costs 25 per cent less.The survey also highlighted a handful of items that are more expensive in US stores, including the Lego Harry Potter PlayStation 3 video game, Jennifer <a href="http://www.wholesalescheapraybans.com" title="Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale"><strong>Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale</strong></a> Aniston's new perfume, and GHD hair straighteners. Sarah Munro, head of travel money at the Post Office, said: "There are great bargains to be had in New York and Boston, but don't assume that everything is cheaper. Toys are almost always better value, but we still found bad buys. Find out what items <a href="http://www.wholesalescheapraybans.com" title="Cheap Ray Bans"><strong>Cheap Ray Bans</strong></a> cost in Britain before leaving and compare with the US price."Ms Munro said that Boston was often cheaper than New York because its level of sales tax is lower, and items of clothing under £113 are exempt from it.A spokesman for the tour operator Hayes & Jarvis said that the number of bookings for <a href="http://www.wholesalescheapraybans.com" title="Ray Bans On Sale"><strong>Ray Bans On Sale</strong></a> US city breaks had risen by 10 per cent since last year. He said that the US remained excellent value for British shoppers, despite the value of <a href="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com" title="Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses"><strong>Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses</strong></a> the pound having fallen by 25 per cent against the dollar since 2007.Travellers on Boston and New York shopping sprees need to be aware that there is a £390 limit on the value of goods that can be brought back into the country duty-free. <br />Parisian street style is the epitome of effortless beauty. The women are always wearing perfectly tousled hair, fresh-faced makeup and lip colors that look tailor made for their skin tone. No wonder so many people try to <a href="http://www.rbsoem.com" title="Ray Ban Sunglasses"><strong>Ray Ban Sunglasses</strong></a> emulate their look.While no two individuals are identical, we noticed a common thread among the beauty street style during Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015: sunglasses.HuffPost Style fashion editor Michelle Persad let us in on their secret: “It’s the end of Fashion Month, and sunnies can easily cover dark circles and other signs of not <a href="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com" title="http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com"><strong>http://www.cheaprbsoutlet.com</strong></a> getting enough sleep.”Well, in that case, we can’t be mad at these women for throwing some shade.<br />